StarTalk is back…

For those of you who don’t know what it is; StarTalk is an English free discussion event which is held weekly. The idea was in fact hatched 9 months ago when we felt the dire need to have a more efficient communication with those of foreign startups ecosystem players through English. we ran 24 sessions all together and each episode looked at a new topic relating to startup world. Your strong presence was of course an incentive for us to make a next move. StarTalk new series is on the way including almost anything you want, to boost your level of English understanding as well as fluency in a friendly atmosphere. The sessions will cover the following titles:

  • Startup terms
  • Value, Idea and Product
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Getting information from a potential customer
  • Different kinds of product
  • Describing your Product
  • Getting help about your Product
  • Describing your Business Model
  • Different kinds of partnerships
  • Negotiating with potential partner
  • Sales and marketing
  • Sales negotiation
  • When I know I have good enough product?
  • Investment and financial support
  • Investor pitch
  • Investment negotiations
  • Investment documents
  • Job interviews

Thank you for accompanying us in this path and hope to see you.  

When is the next Startalk?

Startalk is a weekly gathering.
  • Next Gathering:

Where is the next Startalk?

Startalk will be held @ NovinTech Accelerator
  •  Address: Allameh Tabatabaie Incubation Center (No.40), before Jahan Koodak intersection, Haghani highway, Vanak sq. Tehran, Iran.

How to participate?

In each gathering we can host up to 20 friends. So, shake a leg!
Sorry, but there are currently no tickets for sale. Please try again later.

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